A walking trip to empty the mind -- Measuring Luofu Mountain

Issuing time:2021-04-01 15:12

In March, everything recovered in the spring, with the flowers in the willows and flowers, the singing and dancing of the birds and birds. During the good season of flowers, birds and flowers, and the prosperity of thousands of trees.On March 27,2021   the management and outstanding staff of Glare-led Co., Ltd. came to LuoFu Mountain for one and a half days in HuiZhou . The project takes "a walking trip to empty the mind -- Measuring Luofu Mountain" as the first quarter The theme activities are designed to relax and enjoy the poetic and fairyland brought by the scenic spot after working hard!

Arrive at the hotel at 16:00, have a free rest time after dinner, and reserve energy for climbing Luofu Mountain the next day. The next day, wake up from the dawn, sleep relaxed, Glare-led's friends began a happy day's journey to the beautiful bottom of Luofu Mountain.

There is a kind of haunting called Luofu Mountain

Ancient Chinese have clouds: mountains are not high, and immortals are named; water is not deep, and dragon is the spirit.

Luofu Mountain, known as the first mountain in Lingnan and "Lushan Mountain", is a famous summer resort with pleasant climate, so it has the reputation of "immortal cave". There are 980 famous waterfalls, 18 grotesque scenery and 72 stone chambers. The mountain is magnificent and beautiful! The four time fruit, cloud and mist sweet tea and 100 oil are well-known. The "four hours spring under Luofu Mountain" left by Sudongpo is the new in the period of time. Eat litchi seeds every day, and do not say that they will grow into Lingnan people. " It's the best photo. The main peak, the flying cloud top, is 1296 meters high (the first peak in the south of the five ridges), and is also known as the seventh cave heaven and the 34th place of blessing by Taoism.

Because of the rising water vapor all year round, clouds and mist, surrounded by water on three sides, cigarettes curl. Although it can't be called high, it can always find "immortal" Qi and "spirit" Qi.

First of all, visit Luofu Mountain, Zhuming Cave Scenic Spot, and first arrive at Bailian lake with clear water. Su Dongpo, a great writer, visited Luofu Mountain in Huizhou. It is said that he Xiangu's Huixian bridge happened to meet him.

It's refreshing to see the cool wind blowing. The friends talk and laugh all the way, enjoy the scenery along the mountain, encourage each other and keep moving forward.

After going down the mountain, I visited the Dongjiang column Memorial Hall (named one of the patriotic education bases by Huizhou Municipal Party committee and Youth League Committee in 1995), and then visited the Chongxu ancient temple, which was founded by Ge Hong, a famous Taoist theorist, alchemist, and pharmacist in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Along with the footprints of the great men in those years, I come to visit the marshal building where seven marshals, including Zhu De, Lin Biao, he long and Chen Yi lived.

The seven exhibition halls of Dongjiang column memorial hall are respectively "the outbreak of China's Anti Japanese War", "the establishment of Dongjiang people's Anti Japanese armed forces", "the establishment of Dongjiang Anti Japanese base area", "the support of overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots for Dongjiang Anti Japanese War", "Hong Kong and Kowloon Anti Japanese War and rescue operation", "the development of guerrilla war behind the enemy lines" and "cooperating with the Allied forces to win the victory", with a total of more than 200 pieces of Dongjiang column revolutionary cultural relics and 4 pieces More than 50 historical photos, as well as 22 sculptures, oil paintings, prints and other works of art.

Photos of some cultural relics of Dongjiang column Memorial

The young friends of the museum learned the revolutionary deeds of Dongjiang column through a large number of literature, historical photos and revolutionary relics, deeply remembered the selfless dedication of the martyrs to the Chinese revolutionary cause, learned their noble revolutionary sentiment from the martyrs, and further enhanced their patriotism.

Playing time is always fleeting, but joy lingers in our minds, time is not old, the future can be expected, all the way forward, meet better us.

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