Crossroads led display--traffic light intersection led display

Issuing time:2021-03-24 15:05

Intersection led display screen, also known as intersection guide screen, is divided into two types: one is left turn lane display screen, which is mainly used to remind drivers that the lane ahead of them is left turn waiting for turning, and they should drive in advance; the other is led display screen installed on the traffic light pole, which is used to remind drivers to drive carefully, not fatigue driving, real-time information release, violation punishment information Tips and other information release!

What we are going to introduce today is this kind of LED display screen at the intersection of traffic lights. Recently, our company has produced a number of smart light pole display LED screens at the intersection of traffic lights to build intelligent transportation . It is mainly installed on the traffic light poles to remind drivers to pass safely, not to drive tired, not to drive drunk, turn right at the intersection of red lights, violation information publicity and some latest real-time news, such as the epidemic situation Wearing masks and so on.

The LED display at the intersection of traffic lights is also linked with the traffic lights. When the red light is on, the led display will show the red content. For example, when the red light is on in the left turn lane, it will give you tips: no traffic at the red light, do not run the red light by mistake, comity to pedestrians, etc.; if the green light is on, the green content will be displayed, such as green traffic, safe driving, etc ..

The above is today's introduction of the traffic light intersection LED display , if you want to further in-depth understanding of the product and other products of our company, please call our national unified service hotline 400-086-0918!

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