Enrich the cultural life of employees and promote the construction of enterprise culture

Issuing time:2020-12-23 10:04

Recently, every spare time, there are bursts of laughter and laughter on the first floor of Glare dormitory. Here is the entertainment room for cultural activities set up by the company. The establishment of this entertainment room has been strongly supported by the company leaders and warmly welcomed by the employees. It enriches the employees' spare time life to a great extent and promotes the cultural construction of the enterprise!

The staff cultural activity room is divided into two areas, namely entertainment area and exercise area. There are chess tables and tea tables in the entertainment area to provide employees with leisure and entertainment, or to make a cup of good tea, so that they can enjoy tea in an elegant, quiet and elegant environment, and appreciate life with a light aroma of tea. In addition, employees can choose to put on an old movie or sing a few songs for a peaceful life In the exercise area, there are all kinds of sports equipment, such as horizontal bar, rope skipping, hula hoop, table tennis table, badminton court, etc. All kinds of small colored lights are hung in the activity room to create a happy atmosphere for the activity room. Regulations on management of employees' cultural activities and entertainment room are pasted on the wall to make employees have better leisure and entertainment.

The establishment of staff cultural activity room provides a platform for fitness, entertainment and learning exchange for employees of Glare-led company, which effectively enriches the cultural life of employees, relieves the work pressure, and enhances the cohesion and centripetal force of the enterprise!

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