Under the outbreak, the Glare-LED is in action.

Issuing time:2020-03-19 09:52

Scene 1: Glare-LED employees carefully wash their hands following the seven steps

Scene 2: Employees line up to take their temperature

Scene 3: the canteen isolates the dining room in batches

Meal schedules during the outbreak

1、Workshop on the first floor, workshop on the second floor, quality department, production department and office   staffs: (dormitory building on the first floor) : 12:03 (lunch) / 17:33 (dinner)

2、Workshop on the second floor12:08lunch/ 17:38dinner

3、Office   12:13lunch/ 17:43dinner

Scene 4: Disinfect the working area and the ground

Scene 5: designated place for recycling discarded


Glare-LED from the date of return to work, the company lodge during the epidemic period in all positive response the government called on, don't go out, to comply with the requirements of the company further support policies related to epidemic prevention against disease, the outbreak under control of end point, let us work together to jointly resist disease, spring in the future, disease will disappear, the future period, we will eventually took to the streets, ran to the embrace of nature, until today, the release of the epidemic, we both together again to visit!

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