Glare-led Outdoor P10 DIP Led Display Cases

Issuing time:2018-06-11 00:00

Glare-led as a professional for high and mid-grade outdoor LED DIP led displays manufacturer,at present we have done a lot of project cases,the following are our part of outdoor P10 Led display project cases.

P10 DIP LED Display in United Kingdom

DIP LED screen In spain

Montaj-svetovix-ekranov in France

P10 outdoor RGB DIP 346 LED display USA

P10 RGB 576×96 Rockpoint in Laguna

Since Glare-led adjustmented the development strategic of enterprises which focus on the outdoor DIP Led Displays of R & D and production,products keep breaking through product technical barriers and improving the production process and quality of products, provides considerate pre-sale service , in the industry establish a good corporate image, when People speaks Glare-leds' Outdoor DIP Led Display products , the customer gives a thumbs-up.

Our outdoor P10 project dedicated display screen, as a representative product of outdoor display, has the following characteristics:

1, Adopting the Taiwan epistar chip, excellence technical design, it still has excellent performance in large current, continue to go beyond the limit of LED.

2, Adopting 32*16 large module design, connector less, consistency better, product performance is more prominent.

3, Adopting the grey horn seat, high strength toughness stronger, ensuring stable signal transmission; plug type power supply, installation and maintenance more convenient, more reliable plug.

4, The power cables using special winding pipe, wiring more standardized, beautiful, product stability is more stronger

5, The module with the wide waterproof apron design, Easy to cope with outdoors'harsh environment.

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