Shenzhen Glare-LED Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.

as a large LED display supplier, we have a goal in mind: provide our customers with the

right LED applications for their needs. We understand that LED display isn't just about

energy efficiency, but also about the visual appeal and intriguing design.

Founded in 2006, we have become a pioneer in the LED industry for the development of

our gas station LEDs, LED light boxes, indoor LED displays, LED display modules, vehicle mounted LED displays, VMS (variable message sign) LED displays, and LED lights. We are proud to offer our customers a comprehensive service, earning us their trust and respect.  

For nearly 10 years, we have steadily increased our standing on the global market, and have developed a great partnership with internationally known companies such as Mobile, Shell, Petro China, Sinpoec and other large oil companies. Many of our products for these companies have become the only LED products they turn to for advertising. We have provided excellent LED engineering applications to thousands of customers from more than 400 cities, 34 Chinese provinces, and 90 countries. Our export sales for a number of our products, including LED gas pricing lights, advertising LED displays, and LED gas station lighting products are among the highest ranked within the Guangdong Province of China. Not only have we worked in conjunction with numerous well-known companies, but our LED displays have been prominently used in a number of events around the world, including the Guangzhou Asian Games, the Shanghai World Expo, major Chinese television stations, railway stations, the World Beach Volleyball Tour, speedways in Sydney, Australia and more. Our staff numbers more than 150 dedicated personnel that specialize in the R&D and engineering of our fully certified LED display products. With our extensive staff and comprehensive services and products, we are well on the way to becoming a top competitor for LED engineering applications on the global market.

We strictly conform to the 7S management standard, and have been awarded the ISO9001:2000 International Quality Management System certificate, along with each of our products being CE, UL, CCC, EMC, ETL, RoHS and FLL certified.

With quality and customer services as our top priority, we have become a steadily increasing competitor on the global LED display market, having met and exceeded customer demands. The next time you need comprehensive LED display solutions, let Glare-LED cover you.

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